Jonathan Albo Headshot

I am a PhD student in biomedical engineering at Cornell University. My graduate work will focus on developing patient-centric technologies to fight terminal diseases. I am excited to work with various collaborations within the Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Weill Cornell Medicine, industry partners, and other government and academic groups with a similar focus of solving challenging life-threatening problems through innovation.

I completed my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Florida State University. For my undergraduate research, I focused on applying engineering principles of design and analysis to a variety of biological systems. Specifically, I developed techniques to identify, extract, and quantify contaminants such as pesticides or unidentified binders in tainted food, designed a molecular approach for identifying insect specimens suspected of being vectors of disease in cacao, and differentiated human-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into pericytes (cells in the blood-brain barrier that degenerate in Alzheimer’s disease).

I am excited to build on my undergraduate research experiences to translate biomedical engineering strategies and identify gaps in knowledge to fight terminal diseases. I have received several awards including the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, nominated and one of three students in seven departments selected for the Cornell Graduate School IMSD Fellowship, and selected as a Cornell Graduate School Dean’s Scholar.

Jonathan Albo in laboratory
PCR tubes
Jonathan Albo in laboratory 2